Our passion at NEXT PLUMBING is protecting your family, health & home by providing the right water treatment solution the first time and following through with local & reliable service.

Learn about what’s in your water and how to reduce common contaminants. Basic testing is free in most service areas.


Get a free, professional water test in your home. We’ll test your water, inspect your plumbing, provide you with treatment options and make sure you’re completely educated on your water needs. We want to explain all your options and provide enough information for you to make an educated decision based on your needs.

Today, no one can take water quality for granted. Florida is one of those states that struggle with hard water due to the minerals in our water sources, and SW Florida is no exception. Whether your household water comes from a municipal source or a private well, you very likely could be experiencing hard water. Soap and shaving cream don’t lather well, your skin can feel dry and itchy, and you can see mineral deposits or yellowing on your laundry if your household water has high levels of various minerals.

To help you determine just what level of quality water you have, Next Plumbing has professionals ready to test for unwanted minerals, water hardness, pH imbalances and other invisible contaminants. If you do have significant water quality problems, our experts will be able to recommend water treatment systems to help soften, filter and decontaminate the supply as it comes into your home.

The best way to address hard water is with a water softening and treatment system, one that can remove minerals that cause the problems mentioned above. We install a variety of proven soft water systems, customized to your home and your particular treatment needs.


  • Water Testing
  • System Analysis
  • Water Treatment Consultation
  • Water Treatment System Installation
  • Water Softener Installation
  • System Service & Repair
  • Soft Water Machine Service & Repair
  • Salt free & Maintenance free systems

Once we assess the current quality of water that’s entering your home, we can implement a system that meets your demand for soft water, adjusted to a flow-rate that won’t disrupt your household water pressure or waste softener salt.

Whether you need a new water softener installed, want to replace your existing treatment system or just want an expert consultation on how to get higher quality water in your home, Next Plumbing is here to help.

Our expert technicians can combine water softeners and acid neutralizers to successfully treat highly acidic water from municipal and private water supplies to help you avoid these problems. Acid neutralizers in particular can effectively remove iron that can stain your fixtures and help remove hydrogen sulfide, which causes that “rotten egg” smell.


Ultraviolet light is a tremendous disinfectant. What’s more, it uses no chemicals or additives in order to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms like E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia (which can contaminate Florida drinking water) from water entering your home. Ask your water treatment technician about the benefits of a UV light system for your home.


Our expertise is unsurpassed when it comes to water testing and analysis. Water quality can vary from town to town – even well to well in the same neighborhood. That’s why we recommend testing your water before purchasing any water treatment or soft water system. Call NEXT Plumbing of today to find out more about the right water treatment system for you!

All residential NEXT PLUMBING products are backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your equipment or service Product within 30-days from the date of purchase, we’ll refund the purchase price.