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With the Corona Virus sweeping the world most of America has enacted mandatory shut downs for non-essential businesses to limit each individuals exposure. But what does that mean for how you interact with “essential’ companies, particularly the ones that come into your home? Of course plumbing companies have been deemed essential and our trade motto has always been, “The plumber protects the health of the nation” but Next Plumbing knew we had to take it the extra step to protect our team and put the health of our community at the forefront.

Temperature Check Ready For Work Making sanitizer

Due to the nature of our trade we often find ourselves in our customers homes, interacting with some of the most used fixtures and appliances in your home. This can understandably make customers trepidations of opening up their home to us, but we have contingency plans for events like this. In addition to homeowners fearing for their health, they are also concerned with how much this work may cost them. Many companies have begun to charge a “hazard” pay, often times doubling or tripling what the normal cost would be. As always, Next Plumbing refuses to charge any extra for after hours, emergency, or hazardous conditions. The times are already hard enough as it is, we do not intend to capitalize on peoples panic.

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At the start of each day each technician and office staff member have their temperature taken, and if anyone demonstrates a fever they are sent home. Every technician who visits your home is equipped with shoe covers and latex gloves that are changed out multiple times throughout our visit. Before and after each job is performed the work area is disinfected and cleaned to prevent the spread of any contamination. Each technician is given masks to wear while in your home and whenever possible will practice social distancing with the customer. Each technician is provided with a Tyvek Suit if needed.Perhaps the most challenging obstacle that we had to face was the complete lack of hand sanitizer online or in any of the stores. As everyone is aware the virus has created a frenzy and most essential items disappear as soon as they are restocked. George Garner, the owner of Next Plumbing began to research solutions and decided to start making his own sanitizer. Over the last month he has created several different batches trying to find the best combination. Each technician is supplied with over a gallon of handmade hand sanitizer, and is refilled whenever they are in need!

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Next Plumbing has always been there to help keep our community safe, and the Corona Virus will not deter us from helping you in your time in need 24/7.


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