New Water Heaters with Smart Technology

Looking for something exciting in a world full of boring? Introducing the Essency EXR. While traditional water heaters last only 6 to 8 years and are sore on the eyes, the EXR is built of a tough polymer material that lasts 3x longer than metal. Powerful and lightweight, the EXR packs the punch of an 80-or-100 gallon tank inside a lightweight shell, delivering nine back-to-back hot showers with rock solid temperature control.

Essency is the first water heater of its kind, an electric tank with all the advantages of a tankless. Unlike a standard tank, where water is heated and sits waiting to be used, the EXR uses SmartCore Technology to detect requests for hot water and instantly heat your fresh water for use. Water is heated on-demand, at exactly the right temperature.

When hot water is drawn, fresh domestic water is run through a heat exchanger. The water you use never mixes with the water stored in the core tank which acts as a heat source. The result? Immediate hot water for the whole household.

  • 22"W x 26"D x 65"H
  • 80-100 gallon first hour rating.
  • 30 year life expectancy
  • 20 year tank warranty
  • 6 year part warranty
  • Leak detection
  • WiFi capable
  • Digital touchscreen with multiple functions
  • Boost, vacation, and water saver modes