After The Storm

Inspecting & Fixing Your Plumbing After a Storm

During this time it is easy to make a mistake and make a minor problem worse after the storm. Sadly there are those who would take advantage of unwitting customers. We have been serving SWFL for nearly a decade, and want to help everyone bounce back as quickly as possible.

If a house is on a well system and they have lost power, they will now also be without running water. If the homeowner filled a bathtub with water they can dump water into their toilet bowls to help manually flush the toilet.

Often a homeowner may empty their water heater to use the water inside. While doing this helps for household needs, it is imperative that the water heater is filled back up before the power comes on. Failure to have a heater properly filled before start-up can result in your water heater shorting out and blowing the electrical components.

Many homeowners who are on a septic system will experience sewage backing up in their house. This is due to the leach field (drainage field) from being overly saturated from the immense amount of rain we have received. Calling out a company to pump the tank is only a temporary fix. The only thing that will solve this problem is time. We do not want to see people in need paying large sums of money to have this fixed only to have sewer backing up four hours later.

We have our entire fleet primed and ready to assist SWFL. We are currently operational and running emergency calls. We have strategically placed our team members from Sarasota to Naples to ensure we will be able to get to everyone during the recovery process. We have a state of the art dispatch office with live reports of our technicians, so even with trees in the road and street signs knocked down we can guide them safely to your house. The majority of the local supply shops are closed down at the moment. We have a fully stocked warehouse and have everything we need ready to go. Please call us at any time, we are a 24/7 company, and always have someone ready to answer the phones!