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  • Home Inspections
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  • Same day service if there is an emergency
  • Our commercial costumers NEVER pay an overtime charge for an emergency
  • Our commercial customers get FREE VIDEO inspection (sewer video)
  • Our warranties are typically 3 x longer than our competitors
  • We carry over $50,000.00 in stock at all times
  • Were there when you need us 24/7
  • We offer full plumbing service 24/7
  • We offer full drain service 24/7
Tankless Water Heaters

We are a group of former employees of a nationally-known plumbing franchise who have decided to risk everything by leaving our jobs and forming a new, more community-sensitive Plumbing company. With our group committing their money and efforts, NEXT PLUMBING Inc. has set out to change the way our community thinks about plumbers and the entire service industry. We see the current financial and economic outlook, and cannot find justification in the ever-rising prices and franchise fees of our former employer. So we decided to do something about it by opening our own plumbing company, and setting the pricing structure to that of the 2001 franchise price book. That represents an approximate 30%savings over what the franchise company and other area companies are charging.

We are setting new standards with prompt and respectful plumbing consultants in the field and on the phone. We know when people call us; it is usually at a time of need and crisis. We feel this should not be looked at as an opportunity to make a one-time gain, but an opportunity to gain a committed client whose satisfaction with our services will speak volumes to the community. When we arrive at your home or business, it will soon be clear we don't simply fix the problem….we will take the time to explain the problem, the possible causes, and give every possible solution to alleviate and prevent future problems. We give our clients the price before doing the work, and guarantee most repairs for 3 years. We will also do a complete inspection of the entire plumbing system at no charge to head off any future emergency situations. This includes us sending a high resolution camera into the main sanitary line so the client can actually see inside the pipes and make sure they are in proper working order. Most other companies will charge $200-$400 for this service alone.

Next Plumbing

We feel it is important for the service industry to recognize the struggle our homeowners are facing with the diminishing home values, rising taxes and insurance costs, as well as the rising unemployment rate. Now is not the time to charge what the industry has been charging for those very profitable last few years. Our community needs relief and we aim to give it the only way we know how by simply providing more for less.

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